RMM Interface Beta 5 Release

We are now 4 weeks into the RMM Interface Testnet, and the response from our community has been amazing. Since the beta launch, we have collected a litany of detailed bug reports, feature requests, and UX feedback. I bring great news, the devs have been doing something.

Beta 5 is now live at app.primitive.finance.

New Features

  • Alchemy: Using Alchemy as our default web3 provider, connecting a wallet is no longer necessary to view top pools.
  • Create Pools: Creating new pools using the Add Liquidity page is now enabled and functional.
  • Disable Permit: Introduced a new user setting that enables users to choose between permit and approve when using permit-enabled tokens.

Bug Fixes

  • General stability improvements from integrating the newly released rmm-ethers package.
  • 2-3x loading time improvements across the interface.
  • Removing liquidity is now fully functional, no more crashing.
  • Transaction notification log is now working.
  • Transaction processing speed improved.
  • Pools accessible without injected provider connection due to Alchemy provider.

Future Improvements

  • Design Refresh: We are currently preparing a complete design overhaul. The UX of the interface will not change much, but this new design system is a 10x improvement aesthetically.
  • Wallet Improvements: Next up on the priority list is adding additional wallet types, such as Wallet Connect, and improving the UX for changing networks and connecting wallets.
  • Protocol Onboarding: RMM-01 is a complicated protocol, and while we love answering questions in the discord, we are building a more comprehensive onboarding process into the RMM Interface.
  • Improved Transaction History: A history of transactions populated via rmm-ethers will be available to view the name of the transaction and status.

User Feedback

To make bug reports or feature requests, please visit primitive.canny.io.

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