Primitive Bug Bounty $1m

Today the $1m bug bounty on the Primitive RMM smart contracts goes live. We are ruthlessly hunting any high level or critical issues in the smart contracts before they are launched this month.

View the bug bounty details on Immunefi.

Primitive directly handles a $250k portion of this bug bounty, while Sherlock has committed the remaining $750k. Being under the umbrella of Sherlock Protocol has improved the protocol security by tenfold through direct smart contract review, coverage, and incentivizing bugs to be reported rather than exploited.

The smart contracts have a scheduled audit starting in January with Trail of Bits. These audit weeks will cover the RMM contracts (which have already been audited). This final review will give us full confidence in the security of the protocol, cementing its status as an immutable and anti-fragile system, as all low-level primitives should.

The smart contracts are planned to be launched before this audit is finished, therefore caution should be exercised when interacting with the protocol at all times. The protocol should be considered as an alpha version.


The testnet is live and the app is scheduled to be available to users during this week, if not today. There will be a separate blog post to give a brief overview of the testnet and the goals of having it.


The testnet will first be made available to the users in our discord, you can join here: Primitive discord.

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