Primitive Weekly February 6, 2022
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Highlight of the Week!

  • Primitive's first discord and spaces town hall had over 250 listening to the team discuss the RMM Primer and Soulbound NFT. The twitter space was recorded here and the discord call audio will be uploaded soon (it's pinned in the discord).

Primitive Team

  • RMM Primer was published on Tuesday, the first in a series of educational manuals for using the protocol. Read it here.
  • Soulbound NFT concept was published on github. The initial implementation by Alex is the starting point for developing this novel mechanism.
  • Trail of Bits began the review of the fixes on the rmm-core smart contracts.
  • Product team integrated support for native Ether into the app.

From the Community

Next week - February 13

  • Soulbound NFT Updates.
  • Launch is on the horizon 🚢.

How to Get on Primitive Weekly

  • Connect us with an artist to make nice art for these weekly posts - or all the posts we have!
  • Write a tweet thread mentioning the @primitivefi twitter handle.
  • Write an article that mentions Primitive or RMM protocol.
  • Open issues or pull requests on the open source repositories that fix typos, bugs, or to suggest features.
  • Join the team part or full time and make contributions.
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