Primitive Weekly January 23, 2022
January 31st, 2022

Highlight of the Week!

Secret highlight of the week, here’s a keccak256 hash of the description:


Primitive Team

  • Interface release candidate is prepared, with UI/UX updated to latest design framework.
  • Trail of Bits team’s last week of review for rmm-core and rmm-manager.
  • Final changes and fixes have been merged to rmm-core and rmm-manager smart contracts.
  • Clement built a custom alert discord bot to monitor rmm protocol transactions!

From the Community

  • Quiet from the community this week.

Next week - January 30

  • Mainnet launch.

How to Get on Primitive Weekly

  • Connect us with an artist to make nice art for these weekly posts - or all the posts we have!
  • Write an educational tweet thread mentioning the @primitivefi twitter handle.
  • Write an educational article that mentions Primitive or RMM protocol.
  • Open issues or pull requests on the open source repositories that fix typos, bugs, or to suggest features.
  • Join the team part or full time and make contributions
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