Primitive Weekly January 9, 2022
January 15th, 2022

Highlight of the week!

Overall highlight for the week is definitely Clément's gas comparison tool called Marmite.

Primitive Team

Along with that, it's been a productive week:

  • Estelle discovered a novel way to rebalance between RMM pools to minimize losses. Paper is in the works.
  • Alex😇 finished a beta version of the rmm-ethers package, a transaction helper for interacting with rmm protocol.
  • Zach, Rj, John, and Kinrezc shipped an app update which is summarized by Zach here.
  • Royce finished the first draft of Mocked a web3 focused design system, and began using it in the new Primitive UI skin.
  • John made progress on building the actual components based on the design system using stiches by Radix ui.
  • Alex😇 updated the rmm-core contract tests to be 50% faster and work with ganache.

From the Community

We'd also love to show case some of the community efforts towards Primitive - along with this we plan to announce more details about our bounty program.

  • whoisndu wrote a substack article in which they dove into order books, AMMs, and derivatives in DeFi. Along with that whoisndu gave an excellent overview of Primitive RMM protocol.
  • 0xYoann wrote an overview of Primitive on mirror. Yoann discusses constant function market makers and on-chain derivatives, it's a great primer for anyone interested any of those topics!
  • (Past month) transmissions11 got their gas optimization changes merged into the rmm-core contracts!

Next week - January 16

  • ********* Primer. (🤫)
  • App update called "Beta 6" with a re-skinned UI.
  • Bounty program (not bug bounty, we already have that!).

How to Get on Primitive Weekly

  • Connect us with an artist to make nice art for these weekly posts - or all the posts we have!
  • Write a tweet thread mentioning the @primitivefi twitter handle.
  • Write an article that mentions Primitive or RMM protocol.
  • Open issues or pull requests on the open source repositories that fix typos, bugs, or to suggest features.
  • Join the team part or full time and make contributions
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